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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

At Bodywise we always aim to work with the most advanced, safest technology and machines available.

Our hair removal system offers a combination of MPL* (an advanced form of IPL*) and radio frequency.
This technology can treat a wider range of skin types than IPL alone and is safer and more comfortable than both IPL and laser.

*IPL is intense pulsed light, whereas MPL is multi pulsed light

A more detailed leaflet is available.

It is necessary to have a course of treatments. We recommend 6-10 sessions depending on skin colour and hair type.
The prices listed are for individual and courses of 6. If additional sessions are required a discount will be applied.
The courses are heavily discounted.

Consultation and patch test is required prior to treatment £45 if treatment is started half of this will be deducted from the course.


A progressively permanent hair removal system for the facial area.

All our electrologists have several years of experience and work with sterex equipment to provide an effective and comfortable treatment.

A consultation is carried out prior to treatment.

Advanced Electrolysis

This treatment treats facial thread veins and skin tags.

A consultation is carried out prior to treatment. Due to the nature of this treatment timings can vary.