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At Bodywise we believe you deserve beautifully smooth, hair-free skin anywhere you want - fast and free from discomfort.


All our therapists have been highly trained and have several years experience.

We only work with the most superior wax.

Have any 3 areas waxed at the same appointment and receive a 10% discount

This excludes loyalty discounts

Pre-Wax tips

Let hair grow out for 3 to 4 weeks (about a ¼ of an inch) before you wax.

Exfoliate the area 2 days prior with a gentle scrub to reduce the chance of in-growing hairs.

Let your therapist know before your treatment if you have any health conditions, allergies, are taking any medication, or if you are using any topical lotions/creams which may not be compatible with the wax.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine prior to waxing as stimulants tighten the pores.